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From the picture the dog does not like very skinny or even skinny at all. 110 pounds is way off the charts on the high side but the dog does not look fat either. They are lanky and skinny looking until around 2 1/1 years old. Blue Buffalo is getting famous for diarrhea issues. When you switch do it gradually to avoid more runs. Make sure the dog is getting fluids. Diarrhea dehydrates the dog which can be real dangerous. Good luck great looking dog.

Originally Posted by Rocket View Post
I got a new GSD 3 weeks ago, Sammy. He is purebred with AKC papers. He's a big guy. Very skinny for now, and 110 lbs.

Extremely laid back and very very loyal, but high energy when it's appropriate.

Here he is with my other pup. The little guy is a shepherd husky mix (or so we think) named Chief.

Anyway, I've had him for 3 weeks now and I've only seen him have solid stools a couple times. I didn't think anything of it at first since he had to go thru the stress of changing owners and coming to a new house, and he had to make an abrupt change in diet as I don't know what he ate on the farm where I got him.

I called my vet to make an appointment (to get him checked and up to date on all shots) but that appointment isn't until Friday, but now it's been 3 weeks and I'm getting concerned about the diarrhea.
I'm concerned that he may have worms because he came from a farm on the plains East of Denver, CO where he ran free and was around the fecal matter of all the other farm animals. The previous owner seemed to care very much about him, but he was one of 14 dogs and loads of other farm animals, so probably got less attention than he's getting now.

Both dogs are on Blue Buffalo, and I'm gonna switch them to a different food because I'm just not convinced that it's not it's all cracked up to be. I would love to go raw, but I can't afford that..

Anyway, just wanted to come here and say hi, and introduce my boys. I live up in the mountains of Colorado (house is at 10,000') and the dogs have hundreds of acres to run around. Fox, deer, moose, etc. all are on my property and the boys love it up here.
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