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Chief went to the vet..

I know I have not been on in awhile and I plan to do an update post with videos and pictures of Chief soon, but yesterday I had to take Chief to the vet because yesterday morning I noticed after he went potty outside he came back inside licking his foot so I went and looked at it and some how he split the nail vertically in half. I called and they told me to bring him in because risk of infection. First they thought they were going to have to pull the whole nail but they sedated him and we're able to cut the broken part off and said it should grow back normally. They gave me antibiotic and pain meds. He's done really really well at the vet now. I don't know if anyone remembers the last time he went to the vet.

He wouldn't eat last night so I couldn't give him his meds because they have to be given with a meal. It took him a while to drink anything yesterday but he finally did last night and has drank a little this morning.

This morning Chief had about half or a little less of his food from last night, so I was able to give him his pills. I think it's okay as long as there's something in his stomach.

R.I.P- Smokey my GSD/Husky. You are my hero, my heart, my soul and you will forever remain in my heart. You were a true companion. I love You and miss You so much. Run like the wind!!

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