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Dog ate cat poop. Make him induce vomiting?

This is after-the-fact, but I'd like to know for next time.

My 2.5 year old GSD eats cat poop given the opportunity.

I'd like to know if it's a good idea to immediately get him to induce vomiting.

Ruger ate cat poop today, and I panicked, knowing that about the last time he did this he got an intestinal parasite and had bloody diarrhea IN MY HOUSE for 4 days before I got him on anti-biotics and it still took almost a week for him to get normal and regular. So today when he ate cat poop, I rushed to find directions to induce vomiting which was to give him 10 tsp of Hydrogen Peroxide 3% per 10 lbs of body weight. Ruger is 87 lbs, so I gave him 8 tsp mixed with honey in a syringe then took him on a walk right away. Sure enough, a few minutes later he vomited his stomach contents including what looked like several cat turds. Ruger was fine for the rest of the walk, and was happy as usual. I gave him his treat and a couple of spoons of pumpkin when we got home, and he drank plenty of water.

I'm hopeful that we avoided perhaps another intestinal parasite and a week of bloody diarrhea by making him vomit up the cat poop within 30 minutes of consuming it.

Just wanted to check if this is what should be done when the dog eats cat poop.
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