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aggression towards strange children

My 14 month old male ( recently neutered) is extremely fond, patient, and protective towards my own children. My 2 year old can feed him, put him in his crate and all the basic commands. He's a great companion to my own children. Except strange kids. Every time a child comes into view, my male will crouch and observe and if the child gets too close, his hackles go up, he lunges and barks like a killing machine. He does this to dogs who engage him as well. He will do this with adults but once I calmly ignore him and focus on the adult he calms down and just gets excited and will eventually go to his 'place'. He still keeps an eye on them but is well mannered. Except for other children. He doesn't give them a chance and was extremley close to snapping at a child that got too close to me and my toddler. He's amazing with my own but Dow right atrocious to other children. I socialized him to the wazoo when he was younger at playgrounds with kids and he was fine till he was 5 months old. I purchased him from a reputable breeder and he is purebred.
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