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Please help me find the right Alsatian puppy for me...

First post and hoping you guys can help me out with picking my first dog....

A bit about me....

1. I have never owned a dog before. However, ever since I was a kid, I wanted to own an Alsatian (GSD).
2. I currently live in an apartment and wont move to a house until about 2 years.
3. I'm pretty active. Love to go on hikes, run etc.
4. I have a small park about 2 mins away from my apt, but kids play there as well.

What I am looking for:
1. A pure bread Alsatian (GSD).
2. MUST love people and especially kids as I often have my nieces and nephews over.
3. Must be receptive an easy to training (And yes, I will be training with him as well, as a first time dog owner).

Questions are:
1. Where do I get a pure bred Alsatian pup from (I'm in the PA/MD/DC/NOVA area)?
2. What kinda papers should I been looking for?
3. What kinda questions should be asking the breeder?
4. Should I even been looking on Craigslist?
5. What are estimated puppy prices?
6. What are the initial cost of keeping and maintaining a puppy?
7. What are the monthly costs like? Like food, vet bills, shots?
8. Should I be looking for Show or Work line? I didn't even know about this until a few hours ago. Just found out about it in this forum.
9. Can I leave the puppy alone in my apt for about 4 hours at a time?
10. Just how bad are the hip issues Alsatians get as they get old and when to expect them (Age)?.

Sorry for the looong list of questions, but I am pretty clueless about this as you can see

Thanks for the help guys...
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