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Exclamation Help with anxiety

Hey guys, haven't been here in awhile.

I have a beautiful German Shepherd boy named Apollo, he is now 21 months old, intact.
He listens to me beautifully, is an off leash dog, and gets along with everyone he meets, other dogs and people alike.

However, I have noticed a couple issues I'd like to address before they get out of hand. One being his initial barking (which I know is very common for the breed, as they are protectors) but I have noticed that lately he has been barking much more than usual. I'm not really sure what steps to take to correct this behavior.

The other (and more pressing) is his constant anxiety.
It's not so much that he's afraid of everything, it's mainly that he gets overexcited about something to the point where he stresses himself out and can't calm down.

I currently live with my mother (not for much longer, I'm moving out in a couple weeks) and I leave Apollo with her when I am working. My mom is very stubborn and doesn't like to listen to my rules for Apollo, and I can pretty much guarantee that she's the one responsible for his worsening anxiety. She encourages him to bark and get excited before she takes him outside.

I have tried all kinds of things from ignoring him when he starts to pace, cry and shake, to being calm and firm, as well as making him wait inside and let me out the door first. Nothing seems to be working, and I feel bad for him when he gets himself so worked up.

Now that I am moving out, I'd love to hear tips and advice on what to do, since my mother will no longer be in the picture to reverse his training.

He is crate trained, in case that helps any.

Thank you in advance for your responses!
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