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Thank you guys. They are fine this morning. Titan is minding his manners so far. they are never alone, but she is gaining more confidence around him, both ran around like crazy outside (with them the whole time).. her following him a close second behind, and him obviously doing his best to not mind her. He would look at me if she came near him, and I would say, "good boy" and "it's ok" and he would continue doing his thing. Not sure if he is avoiding her because he doesn't like her, or because last time he interacted with her (Snapping and all that) he got in trouble. Or maybe both. Right now she's in her kennel and Titan is on the couch with me because I am going to start my research paper and i won't be able to concentrate wondering if they are too close and all that. Plus she wanders.. everywhere and won't sit down, and that alone makes me weary because I can't keep eyes on her while I do my paper. AND she doesn't want to come inside now because she wants to play. Not sure how to break her of that so I can get her inside in a timely manner, I guess it's leashing if I know I have to be somewhere.

Anyways, thank you for reading my incredibly long post, I appreciate it.


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