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Unhappy Lost My 14 yr old GSD On New Years Eve.. Now..

It looks as if his friend.. our 10 yr old GSD (will be 11 in July) is ready to follow him, and I'm all broken inside.

My 14 yr old I adopted from a shelter 10 years ago. He was being passed by from the local rescue folks because he was tagged as a stray. The lady told me, "you don't want him. he's a stray". Well, that "stray" sat for me and offered his paw up when asked. He came home with me the next day. Sadly, he'd been neglected so long, he had a horrible case of heartworm which I notified the shelter of right away. They said I could bring him back and chose another. Nooo, I said. I called simply to get an extension on his neuter as it wasn't safe for him to have surgery until we took care of these heartworms. The shelter was shocked we wanted him anyway, but I informed them we took him home as a member of the family and we meant it. We got permission to take as much time as we needed for his immiticide treatments and recovery and 6 months later he was a new dog.

A year later, we went to another shelter and got him a new friend. A military family bought Pele overseas then brought her back home. She was tied up out front in military housing when a child on a bike rode up fast to her and Pele nipped him. Though the MP quarantined her and noone was upset and the base police said all was fine..into the shelter Pele went.

We found out a few weeks later Pele has a horrific case of hip dysplasia and bad our vet gasped upon seeing her xrays. I think the family that had her was looking for an out, and the nip was their excuse. I have 7 cats, 1 Burmese who is pretty sure Pele is his girlfriend, and he literally rolls over face, takes food out of her bowl when she's eating, and Pele calmly lie there and does nothing. Now 5 of the cats are Savannahs, and most dogs won't mess with a Savannah, but Pele loves them all. Shares food and bed with all of them, even when they're acting more African Serval than cat.

Gollum, our 14 yr old suffered horrible dementia in the end and was even losing his ability to walk. He stopped eating. Pele is barely able to stand up, her hips are shot, she can't even scratch herself anymore, or go potty without extreme discomfort. Her front legs are giving out, we're guessing from the arthritis damage from bearing the extra weight all these years with the bad hips.. and the final sign is she has started following me intensely and she's never done this before. Gollum did as his dementia set in though.

Tonight, Pele followed me into my F-2 Savannahs room, she's big, and as close to Serval as I personally feel safe handling (and I am the only person in the house she will interact with for feeding, picking up, etc) and Sarafina promptly cobra spat (serval does a cobra type spit when they're angry) Pele right out and the dog couldn't even walk out without help she limps so badly. Now, she knows that's a no-no room, but I was in there and right now, if I'm there, she tries to be there too.

I gave her an extra pain pill tonight and she's got a vet appt scheduled, but I think it probably time to get our goodbyes in order and ****, it's just too soon. I know she's hurting walking...trying to use the potty..her 7 yr companion is gone..and it seems..she can't be alone...

Is it time or am I being selfish in thinking maybe a few extra pain meds a day will see her through? I just want what is best for her..If only I could roll back time..Pele is on the left and Gollum is on the right.

We miss Gollum every single day.

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