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(text heavy) Puppy sitting.. help with interaction moved to behavior

Ok to start off... I KNOW I WAS WRONG.. just have to make sure that is clear form the beginning.

We have dog sat before, from 13 week old female puppy to 3 year old males. We frequent the dog park with no issues. We have visitors with their dogs with no issue.

So.. emergency for my friend back home, ended with me offering to watch her female GSD. 11 month old, fixed. They actually have met at the doggy day care we used to go to and she (Roxy) is the only dog I was told he would play with.

Well due to the nature of the emergency, it resulted in me, bringing Roxy home in my car, Titan was at home. I was unsure of how to do the greeting because well, usually my BF is home or the owner drops the dogs off. (by the way this is where I feel I went wrong) So I ended up putting Titan in the back yard in a stay while I walked her in on a lead. They had no issues what so ever. Titan was more interested in the fact that mommy was home and we were going to play. They were good. Running in and out of the house together, everything seemed ok, we played outside and just got them used to each other.

I walked in the kitchen, while they were in the living room which isn't really a separate room, there is a half wall divider and I can see in there. Anyways, they were doing whatever and I heard Titan snap and growl at her, her yelp. Admittedly I didn't see exactly what happened. Titan gets grumpy sometimes with puppies, so I assumed it was her pestering him. SO I told Titan to go to bed, and she came running to me. I let them cool off for a bit while I got everything settled from getting home, putting beds together, bowls and all that jazz.

We went outside again, no issue, she was slightly weary of him at this point but not too much. She chased him every time he got the ball, he paid no mind to her. We came inside again and they walked into the kitchen and she sniffed him, and Titan snapped, snarled/growled at her again causing her to yelp and run into the other room. I (again maybe wrong, but I did it) grab Titan by the scruff, said "NO!" and lead him to his bed where I again told him "bad" and "no" in my very angry mom voice that he is terrified of.

At this point she is scared of him and slightly of me. Titan stayed in his bed for a while so she can have some time to roam, but she just ran into her kennel and stayed there. I let that be for sometime. It was at this point I knew (wasn't going to to begin with, but this really solidified it) leave them alone together EVER.

At this point I decided, well let's try a walk. I always hear that is a good thing to do when introducing dogs, so what the heck. Walk went awesome. They walked right next to each other and even went nose to nose a few times sniffing stuff. However, when I got back to the house, Roxy didn't want to come inside after Titan went in there. I kept walking in anyways and she came inside. I made Titan go to bed and she, again didn't want to be anywhere near him. SO I let that be again.. for a bit.

I fed them and had to sit by her for her to eat her food. If Titan moved she would almost run to her kennel and realize he wasn't coming for her and would go back and eat. After eating (waited a bit) we went outside again. Everything went well. She would follow at a close distance and if he turned toward her, she came to me. It also appeared that Titan was avoiding her now too. Not quite like she was him, but I noticed any time she would come near him, he would move away from her and come to me. He wasn't like that when they were introduced in the beginning. SO I assume it's because he was scolded for snapping at her.

Anyways, it's like she's even more scared to come inside. I had to go brave the wall of mosquitoes, eaten alive btw.. and tried everything from calling, treating and playing, to get her to come to me so we can go inside.. NOPE. Ended up playing ball with her for a bit, while I made Titan say inside and ended up grabbing her collar at some point to bring her in. Once in, she was better. I brought out treats also, I did OB with both at the same time and they did great, she even got close to him and he didn't care.

So that's what I have been doing. Treat treat treat. Both of them. Since the last snap, there's been no real interaction between them. She will try to sniff him if he turns around but that's about it. They even laid near each other after we finished training. That is the picture of them together laying down. They stayed like that and even both fell back on their sides and took a nap like that. I didn't dare move.. lol.

Anyways, so here is. I know I did some thing very wrong, and I knew better. Where do I go now. My plan is to obviously go with NO alone time at all, ever. Totally ok with that. Should I continue to do OB with them and have then outside together if I am there? What's your opinion on the whole situation. Totally expecting to be ripped apart here, but hoping for some solid advice too.

There you have it.. let's hear it.. (oh pictures, Titan, obviously the bigger one, but just in case. He's the bigger, Black and red. and the one outside was after everything, she was still following him every where)
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