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Thank you so much for all your advise. I've been wanting to add a dog for a year or two now, but Grissom is my first GSD. I'm used to extremely easy going Golden Retrievers, and was in for quite the aha moment when I saw the difference between the breeds. It's just me and Grissom so I have had four years of bonding with him. Every place I go people constantly compliment me on how friendly he is. Whenever someone comes over (even strangers) he acts like they are his long lost friends and he rubs up against them doing that awesome shepherd whine. I'm so pleased he is so amiable. However, when he sees other dogs he gets so excited. His butt goes up, his front legs go down, he's wagging his tail and he is in full play mode....but yesterday we were at the beach and he a 3 month old Golden Retriever puppy! I was shocked!!!! This started to worry me. Hence, my coming to this valuable site for guidance. I'm hoping that I haven't raised a spoiled "only" child.
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