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You sound like a wonderful home!! I would also go with a female, but maybe an adult female 4-6 years old. More chill, less puppy. Plus the older girls get looked over a lot. And I think you would be wonderful for girl that needs a home. Plus I bet your boy is not a fan of dogs up in his face. An older more settled girl will be less "HEEYYY, HIIIIII, LETS PLAY, COME ON"!!!!

I also believe that the dogs should meet on neutral ground, take a walk back to the house together. Take it slow.

Good luck and bless you for adopting!!!

PS- fostering is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do. So even if it's not a match, you will help find a dog a new home, gain enormous experience, and save 2 lives. Trust me. I have fostered for about 16 years. It always excites me to get a new foster, to evaluate, train, socialize, and find a perfect family for a wonderful dog.

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