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Adding a rescue...need advise.

Hi everyone,
I have a sweet, but spoiled large male German Shepherd. He came from a wonderful breeder and I've been in love since the day I brought him home. He is now four years old, and I'd like to get him a little sister. Originally, I was going to get another full breed shepherd, but decided I didn't want my new pup to be as large. I have decided to rescue and wasn't sure how to "pick" the new sibling. I don't need a "puppy" so I'm open to an older girl, but I'm worried about how my boy will react to another dog in the house. I've pampered this beast and he is truly a sweetheart, loves people (everyone!) but isn't crazy about some dogs. He has been socialized a lot (day care and dog parks) and usually he does well, but there are definitely some dogs he does not react well with. Any suggestions as to how I go about choosing the new dog? Advise on the age? I appreciate any words of wisdom since I'm really not sure how to proceed.

Thank you!!
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