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Originally Posted by SuperG View Post
All 3 of my shepherds have been female.....

I used to say they stay close to home as my rationale for getting a female....and perhaps there might be some truth in that...But, if I didn't thoroughly enjoy the first two ...I wouldn't have a third....who is incredible.

I have slightly the same opinion. In any dog I've ever owned GSD or not I've always seemed to prefer female. Only because in my personal opinion & experience they always seem to make the more loyal protective dog. Most the males I've had were ramblers of sorts & never developed such an incredible attachment to me. When I recently got my first GSD a while back I was getting her for guard dog purposes as my lab husky mix that I kept outside passed away over a yr ago. I went for the female again. This was the first time I requested female when inquiring & it was because I also pondered on the fact of which sex I think I prefer.
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