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I think I have read all the articles you are referring to lol. I do not and will never expect any of my dogs to tolerate a goofy bouncing lab (or any breed) in their face. I expect them not to get overly aggressive, but I will stop the other dog before it becomes an issue.
I have had a few dog aggressive dogs in my lifetime and if I spend the amount of time and energy into training that dog to a very high level, the dog can pass a CGC and earn obedience titles (which my DA dogs all have been able to do) then there is no reason my well trained dog cannot go in to public places just because some people own ill-socialized, bouncy, idiot dogs that they cannot control. My dog will not go to your dog, can pass your dog on the street with no issue, just cannot greet other dogs. Which I don't allow even with dog friendly dogs. We don't meet and greet on leash. Just my two cents, I'm sure others feel differently.

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