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Muzzles & Bubbles - Aggressive Dogs in Public?

In the other thread I started there's been some side bar discussions about dogs that bite or are very likely to bite, who really NEED this 'bubble' not being allowed in public, even with muzzles on.

IMO there's a 'bubble' which is just a personal space thing. None of us like to have a stranger just run up to us and put their face 1" away from our face. That's not just rude, it's also very threatening. I can see dogs having their 'personal space' needs BUT they aren't aggressive and more then likely would not bite even with such an invasion of space.

Then there's dogs that will, have and do bite. These would be dogs that "need" this bubble to prevent an accident.

So to start this off I'll quote an opinion from a dogblog (and yes, it's just another person's opinion so I'm not trying to make this out to be an authoritative statement in any way, just for discussion)

Also as a note, dog aggressive dogs under control and with responsible management have just as much right to be out and about as the friendly neighborhood pal. Muzzles are frequently a responsible compromise, and proceeding to lecture on why the ‘vicious’ dog shouldn’t be out is frankly ridiculous and narrow minded. I don’t like being accosted by strangers and neither do my dogs. Respect the bubble.
<emphasis mine in blue>

I can't link to the article directly, it won't work so the link to the blog is below, the article in particular starts with the title "Your dog isn't being friendly..." 4th article down, under "Most Popular Posts" on right side of the home page.

I ran across this blog linked on a breeder's website yesterday and yes, unfortunately more bad language *sigh* Irreverent and cheeky...but it's the other side of the coin. For the record I'm on the fence on this regarding dogs with known aggression issues.

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