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Vaccinations today have me worried after reviewing owner opinions on this forum

This morning I brought in my 14 week old GSD Sascha for her third round of shots. I didn't do any research about bundling shots before I left as I was under the impression that the visit would only include an exam and the distemper shot. While I was there, the vet recommended distemper, Lyme, rabies, and lepto. Three weeks ago, she received three antigens (distemper, bordetella, and another one that I can't remember (maybe lepto?)) and was back to running around by 4 PM so I didn't feel as though four antigens would cause any more symptoms than the discomfort she experienced before. Not having any means to perform research on the spot and trusting their judgement, I agreed. Once I got home, I decided to check what other people typically administered at this time. It seems as though it is a general rule to never give rabies and distemper on the same day. She is a little sore at the moment but no more so than after the second set of shots and was enthusiastic about lunch. My question is what are the risks of administering all of these vaccines at once? Are there any symptoms besides hives, a swollen face, bright red ears, and vomiting that would warrant a trip back to the vet? How many hours or days into the future could an adverse reaction to the vaccines present itself? Are there any long term health risks?

I clearly see now that I am going to have to take a much more proactive role in Sascha's healthcare but I am still left wondering why the vet would bundle so many vaccines at once if there were health risks. Surely, even from a business standpoint, the $90 they made off me isn't worth the bad press someone could spread if their dog had complications and needed urgent care or died especially when the shots could have been split into two different visits.
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