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Dog doesn't want his raw food anymore


I have a 3 yr old male german shepherd whose weighs about 94lbs. He is very active as he goes to a daycare 4 days a week from 7:30am-5:30pm where he is constantly walking/playing.. He has been on raw food since he was about 8 months.. we usually give him turkey necks as his bone and then supplement with offal/tripe cubes and chicken or turkey dinner cubes..

For the past 6-7 months I find he has become more and more fussy about eating. Initially we thought it was because he threw up his entire meal after eating lamb so we didn't force him. He started eating again and then wouldn't want the food anymore. We crushed a small piece of liver treat and he gobbled it up...

We used to give him a variety of meats with bone (chicken backs, turkey necks, beef brisket) but he stopped eating the chicken backs and briskets so we stopped buying them.. Now he doesnt want his turkey necks either and we have to add treats to have him eat his meals..

It's getting expensive to keep chucking his meals as once they are thawed up give him 2 days to eat and then throw it out... I am debating switching to kibbles but same issue there... he eats 2 days (if that) and then doesn't want it..

Don't know what to do! Seems he eats well at the daycare when he stays overnight but not at home!

Any ideas would help... Can't afford to keep chucking his meals and don't know what to do with 30lbs of turkey necks in my freezer!
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