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Originally Posted by sehrgutcsg View Post
I am not an expert. However, I know by looking the positioning is incorrect. The doctor's who don't KNOW BETTER and are not experts do it wrong !!!

The rear legs need to be held practically flat to the table and they are up four inches. Poor positioning in my opinion. There again, no expert, if OFA says the positioning is CORRECT, then I would apologize, but for now, WRONG !

The guy died, the expert. Dr. Gardinia. He knew how the dog needed to be laid, legs spread out as far as possilbe, to get the right shot.

Sorry, but were at a 45 degree angle, not flat to the table..And there straight back, not fully extended outward..

edit: See how the leg bone touches the pelvic bone. It should be away as far as possible..
What?? The hip positioning is good.

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