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Barking at new cat?

Hey everyone,
I wasn't sure exactly where to put this so I hope it's the right place. I'm wondering what to do to introduce my 10 month old GsD Valkyrie to our new cat. Wh have another cat who is around 5 that Val absolutely loves. I thought with how much she loves Kitty that we'd have no problem bringing another one in. The new cat is around a year old, not sure if he's ever been around dogs before as he's a rescue, and right when the dog saw him she started barking. I put baby gates up so the cat can hide and hang out without her getting to him but she will even look over the baby gate and bark. Is she just not sure what to do with a new cat? He hissed at her so maybe that is the issue? She is in a kennel during the day while I am at work so the cat can walk around, so his smell is around the house now. Any advice/stories of hope for them to get along? Thanks!

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