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Originally Posted by huntergreen View Post
jrennie, have you had your pom around other dogs ?


Yes, I have and he does really well with smaller dogs and cats and with bigger dogs he is afraid of them and as long as the bigger ones aren't right "in his face" he is fine with them and will just ignore them. My mom and mother in law both have small male dogs and he loves them both and gets a long with them well. However, my neighbours have a Golden Retriever and the golden retriever is very excited and wants to be your best friend and that seems to stress my Pom out and he just snarls at him, he won't bite him or anything, just a sort of "back off" warning. The trainer we were working with seems to think that my Pom could adjust and get used to a big dog in the same way he got over his fear of children (he adores my nephew now, but is terrified of kids except him). I just don't want him to end up getting hurt, but I am a bit of a worrier. Any GSD I were to purchase I would want to get as a puppy not an adult whose history I am unsure of.


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