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I feel so guilty... :'(

I'm not sure where to post this, so i'll just post it in here.

Yesterday, Finnick had his first training class, we were just on our way home- walking down the road when we suddenly saw a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (very common dog here in the UK), absolutely NO owner in sight.

So, I crossed the road with Finnick on his lead beside me to try and avoid this dog as I had no idea how friendly it was and to see if I could see the owner. The Staffy saw us and came sprinting towards us across the BUSY road. We stood still (as I know it's best not to run), luckily the staffy seemed fairly friendly, albeit very nervy. The owner then comes from nowhere and apologises frantically, picks the dog up and walks across the road. He "SEEMED" like a normal friendly guy, until he reached the curb on the opposite curb where he proceeded to THROW his Staffy onto the curb causing it to hit it's head. Of course, the idiotic owner still doesn't put a lead on his dog, so the staffy once again sprints over to us on the opposite side of the road (he just wanted to say hello), as he's running, a car has to emergency stop - missing the dog by inches!! At this point, it FINALLY catches the Staffys owners attention....he comes running over all guns blazing and shouting to the high heavens above. I've never ever in my life seen someone shout so aggressively, at this point I don't know if he's shouting at me or his poor dog. The Staffy is now cowering because he is so terrified of his owner. The owner picks him up by the scruff of the neck and drags him into a nearby road (I presume to where they live).

At this point I am so shaken because I have never actually seen someone be so aggressive to their dog with my own eyes.

I now feel like I should have done something. I feel so guilty, because that poor dog probably has such a terrible life with an abusive owner

I honestly think if i'd have said or done anything to him, I would have either gotten a knife pulled out on me or i'd have gotten beaten up (he was what we call a "Chav" over here). Plus I didn't want to risk anything happening to Finnick as he's only 13 weeks old. I feel so terrible I was also on my own and there were two guys with the Staffy. I'm only 24, so I couldn't have put up much of a fight if it turned that way.

Do you think I should have done something? I can't report him because I don't know where he lives, nor do I remember his face. It's all a bit of a blur. That poor puppy

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