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Question Teaching the "Back" Command...Please Help!

Xena is extremely smart...I know this! But for the life of me, I'm having the hardest time teaching her to back up. If there is any opportunity for her to turn around and move, she'll do it, if not, she'll sit, lay down or fall over. I know it has to be me who is probably confusing her, because she has had no trouble with any other training or the ability to learn commands.
Here's what I have tried:
I use a narrow area to start with, that opens up into a bigger space. She should want to move backward to get out, right? Wrong! Instead, she lets me move toward her until she is just about squished, at which point, (if she is unable to turn around) she sits down, rears up and literally topples over backwards.
When I move toward her, I give the "back" command, but she will sit down and do exactly what I mentioned I'm afraid I'm going to confuse her "sit" command.
I've even tried putting her leash around her belly & gently nudging her backwards or keeping her from sitting, but she won't even so much as move one paw.
I've also tried placing one hand under her belly and one on her chest to move her, while giving the appropriate command...she may take one step in the right direction, but if I give that same command without making her do it, she won't budge!
Needless to say, I've put this one on hold until I can figure out what I'm doing wrong, to where she's not understanding what I want her to do.
If anyone could please train me in the areas that I'm failing, I know she can do what I ask of her! I'm sure it's not her fault, she's too darn smart...I know I've got to be missing something here...?
Thanks for reading my post!
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