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Should I try and and reach out?

I know it probably won't be suitable for me to take on another pup for approximately the next 4 to 6 months but do you think it would be alright to start contacting breeders? By all means I don't want a puppy now but I would like to try and suss out the many breeders and get a feel for them, not to mention that some breeders may have long waiting lists. It would be good to find a breeder that I like and have everything all sorted.

To be honest, my last search for a dog was rather stressful. I had only just gotten into shepherds and I knew nearly nothing to none on them. All I had was an old book on German Shepherds (it was old, and in that time there was no definitive split between show and working lines) and when I began contacting breeders I was generally shocked that they just weren't the same dogs that were featured in the book! To make it worse, with the contemporary confusion I now then didn't know what I was looking for because what I was looking for apparently didn't exist! The first people I contacted were show line breeders. I don't mean to offend lovers of the show line, but that just wasn't the dog I envisioned when I read the book. It probably didn't help that I grew up on a farm where our working dogs were never bred to have extremes. They were probably extreme in energy but that was just it.

My point is, now that I am older and that I have owned a shepherd dog (if not for too short a time ) and have done far more research I now have a pretty good idea of the kind of dog I wanted. So I was wondering if it would be alright to reach out to some breeders to inquire and discuss their dogs and see if they meet my requirements? I am a little nervous, I can just feel myself cringe in remembrance to what happened last time. I must have contacted the wrong breeders back then because all they wanted was for me to pay a deposit to secure my so called "dream dog" that had not even been born yet! Ahh, and I remember talking to some breeders and they would prattle on about things that I just didn't really understand. I understand much better now however.

So I would like to start reaching out and get to see which breeder/breeders would be compatible with me but I don't want a dog now so I don't want to pay a deposit to secure a dog that has not been born yet, and I don't want to be pressured into buying a pup before I am ready! I also don't want to make out as though I am a "tire kicker" because I am not willing to buy a puppy at the moment. Is it a good idea to start searching, or is it not?
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