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Torn nail

Hi guys... This morning jackson and i were playing fetch and we. He was coming back with the ball i noticed he was limping. I looked at his foot and all i see was blood gushing so i immediately took him inside and applied pressure with a clean rag to the injured area (rear right paw). He wouldn't let me examine it too much because it was hurting him so I wrapped it and did what I could. Took him to the vet within 30 min, not the vet i wanted to but took him to a hospital which i did not like at all (had never been theren got decent reviews). They wanted to perform a $500 removal of the whole nail and basically dope him up and all of these seemingly u necessary procedure for a nail. I'm aware that this is a pretty common minor injury so i informed the vet that i wanted to treat him conservatively and take him home with some antibiotics.

I called our dog trainer who is also head of the rescue we got him from and she said the vet was just taking advantage she thought and to bring him to her this evening to have the rescue vet check it out. When i brought him home this morning before giving him the antibiotic I did my best to clean his wound and keep him calm...first filled a syringe with warm water and just rinsed any dirt or hair etc might be in the wound...and then when he was really calm.... I put hydrogen peroxide on it which i might add he did not like one bit but... I'd rather be safe than sorry. I bandaged it up and put a tight sock around the bandage so he wouldn't bite it off. The antibiotic I was given for Jackson is 750 mg of cephalaxin, twice a day. Having given him his first dose I've noticed he is very dopey. I researched side effects none of which are drowsiness so I'm just wondering if anyone else has had their GSD experience this injury or take this medication. 750 mg seemed like a lot to me but I understand it goes by weight. Any input is appreciated.
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