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Unhappy Tumor in 20 mo. old GSD

I noticed my 20 month old, female licking an area under her front left 'armpit' this AM. I checked the area and found a large nasty looking lump! I am fairly certain it was not there yesterday.

It is very red with a slight amount of blood from her licking it, very raw looking, size of a smallish egg.

My vet was out today, so I ran her in to the emergency vet. At first the vet thought it was probably a wound that got infected or a mast cell tumor. They performed a needle biopsy.

Diagnostic Test Results:
Fine needle aspiration revealed a mixed inflammatory (~70% eosinophils, 20% neutrophils, 10% macrophages) and ephithelial population. Only two mast cells were noted on the slide.

Vet feels that it is probably not an infection or a mass cell tumor after reading the results, but some other type of tumor and put her on the following meds-

Simplicef (200mg): Give 1 tablet orally every 24 hours for 7 days. Give with food and give until gone.
Rimadyl (75mg): Give 1 tablet orally every 24 hours for 7 days.
OTC Benadryl (25mg): Give 2 capsules orally every 8 hours. You will need to purchase this medication from a local pharmacy.

Vet said that she thought it would be a miracle if it disappeared in the next few days and that it probably would have to be removed surgically and biopsied.

Any thoughts at all of what this could be???? I am frantic with worry.....
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