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Help! They're Opening the Fridge!

I like to think of myself as a pretty creative person, but lately my dogs are outdoing me.

This week I've been grocery shopping 3 times due to my husky opening the refrigerator while I'm gone and he and Cafall helping themselves to the fridge buffet line.

So far I've tried:

Blocking the Door with a Diningroom Chair: They moved the chair and commenced eating.

Tying the door shut with a scarf and anchoring the scarf with knots through the hinge on the neighboring cabinet: They chewed through the scarf and had a smashing good time (emphasis on smashing as they busted open a bottle of salsa to go with the burritos )

After nanny cam revealed it was the husky, Finder, doing all the opening I crated him the next time I left. He busted outta his crate, demolishing it in the process, continued his glutinous ways.

I also tried child locks but those got chewed off and like any red blooded American I'm not terribly fond of the idea of restricting my own refrigerator access.

Finder can't be shut in a room as that triggers something from his abusive past and his house training suddenly goes out the window as he will submissively urinate until you let him out. Both dogs are fit enough to hop any baby gate easily and clearly determined enough to chew through any obstacle. The issue with training is they don't take a step out of line while I'm home so it's hard to correct. The other big issue is that the fridge has had about all the abuse it can take. I've superglued the rubber vacuum seal back in place multiple times now (Finder uses his paw to scratch his way in), but don't think it'll last for long.

I'm starting to lose my wits... and a bit of weight. Help! I have curves to maintain!
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