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Unhappy Seizure, 1st one - high stressed dog.

I've read this forum for 8 years, that's Tessa's age, my GSD. I've gained some wonderful knowledge, thank you. I am asking for some opinions and been there situations please.
Today Tessa went into a seizure at the groomer (kennel place) as soon as my daughter got her inside the door. Tessa has been to this kennel at least once a year while we travel and goes there 2x a year for a bath, etc..
It was a full blown typical (what I've read) with loss of control, shaking, foaming at mouth and recovery taking several minutes.
We went to the vet, recommended by the groomer. I went inside to speak with the tech. We are pretty sure taking Tessa in there to another high stress situation would not be good for her. The tech said all the Dr. would do is a neuro evaluation and if we wanted we could wait to be fitted in, or take Tessa home and keep an eye on her, and bring her back for a 4 o'clock appt.
For the past 5 years +/- Tessa has not had a annul exam, I take her to the mobile vet at the equine center for her yearly vaccinations.
Should I take her for a check - up? Would there be any health issues discovered as the cause for this seizure? Should I wait a few days and let her recover before putting her back in the high stress situation? She has always been a "high strung" GSD, is it possible that she seizured from the situation? Any insight will be greatly appreciated. TIA

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