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I do it all the time. For example teaching the sit. You could teach a sit with a treat over the head and when the dogs but hits the ground mark or click and then give food. Or you could put a prong collar on and say sit pull upward on the leash and then release all pressure when the dog commits to the sit or completes it. Or you can do a combination of the two where you say sit upward pressure and as soon as the dog commits to the sit you mark or click yes and then give food. The layering of negative and positive reinforcement is much stronger teaches a stronger behavior and does it faster.

Now a problem you might run into is a dog that once under pressure doesn't want to take food. It happens. Isn't something you start with on every dog necessarily, but it's usually something that can be worked up to. Generally if you have a hungry dog and you're tactful it isn't an issue.
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