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My GSD puppy doesn't such much "affection"

Like the title states she doesn't show much "affection" to me or my wife. She will lick our faces occasionally but she doesn't like to really just be loved on. I know she is a puppy and wants to play a lot which is fine. I play with her soo much that as night when she goes in her crate she will cry for about 2-3 minutes and not a peep till I get her out(around 5:30am) my question is if this is normal for a GSD? I have had labs and pitbull terriers growing up and they always wanted "cuddle time" but not my GSD. She does like it when I hold a chew toy so she can chew on it which I think that is maybe a good bonding time?

This is my first GSD and she is awesome and I love her already very much. I just want to know if this is normal or should I be doing something different.

Thank you for any advise.
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