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Originally Posted by JeanKBBMMMAAN View Post
Here's a neat article:
How Technology from 30 Years Ago is Helping Military Dogs Perform Better Now | Animal Behavior and Medicine Blog | Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, MS

They do use aversives - but less than 1/1000th of a time.

Strangely (never thought it was strange until I read how many dogs my kind of methods have killed apparently) I have/had dogs who would be dead and have not used positive punishment with them in terms of any aversives stronger than a verbal, or as in the article above if they put themselves or someone else at risk (rare and usually just dog to dog posturing that needs to be body bumped - something that happens when you live with more than 2 dogs integrated as a pack). So it can be done, easily and naturally. I come from a background of working with people/kids, so using strong aversives is not an option, and it is second nature for me to pick behavioral interventions that are clear and that work. I know it works, I have a pack of dogs and former foster dogs that show it.

If people want to train dogs their way, that's their business, just getting tired of reading all over the place on this board that the way that many of the rest of train, is wrong, dangerous, and doesn't work.

Exactly! No one here trains dogs exactly like someone else. I just don't get why people are so brazen about voicing their unsolicited and unwanted opinions on other people's training?

Just like I personally would not want to send my dog off to a trainer to come back trained. But that is how one of my neighbors makes his living. I like his style of training. it works great. But i don't want to send my dog to him, however, the people that do are doing so because it lines up with their value map to have a professional train their dog so they don't accidentally train them incorrectly.

Some people just can't let others be different.
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