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Punishment in Training

While i personally perfer and use positive reinforcement training, I am tired of hearing that punishment train is ineffective. It isn't. It was used for more that a couple hundred years and is still used today. Just because you don't like it, and would not dream of putting your own dog into that situation doesn't mean it isn't an effective way to teach a dog. MOST older videos or pictures of dog that are doing some pretty amazing things were trained with punishment more than reward.

That is just how it was. Just because the new positive reinforcement craze also happens to be an easier and, in a lot of cases, faster way to train, doesn't mean that it is "the way to train" Just like I do not prefer treat training, I prefer physical affection.

Some people think their treat training is better, however, I get my results from affection faster because I enjoy doing it more that creating a treat driven animal. Now, I understand, a lot of people treat train and phase the treats out, it works very well for them. I just don't really get into it.

I have treats for my dogs, I throw them out at random for a random command being followed. I just am tired of people acting like the last 1000 years didn't happen. They did. Dogs learned quickly what to do to avoid punishment.

My grandmother bred and trained Irish Setters, with a rolled up magazine and ground meat. Now? She spoils her yorkie rotten and walks him 4 times a day, methods have changed. But, don't act like it wasn't effective.
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