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Gunther is pouting

Gunther perceived something in the yard as a threat a few minutes ago and would not drop his focus on barking at it. There is no one out there, it's two in the morning. My guess is it was a rabbit. I spent 5 minutes trying in vain to get him to let it go and come in the house. He refused. He was acknowledging that I was speaking to him, he would run over to me and then go back to barking at the bushes with his hackles raised. He woke my husband and who knows how many other people around here. He listens so well but when he is focused on something he will NOT let it go until I go investigate it myself. However at 2 in the morning, wearing slippers, the yard is soaked, and I hear no sounds whatsoever in the bushes I am not going to go climbing around in the trees and bushes. He finally came in after many struggles but now he seems to be pouting on the couch. Is it because I didn't go investigate his "threat"? Is it because I refuse to reward him for barking when he ignored my commands for 5 minutes? I love that he's on alert and lets me know, but I feel he should A) Tell the difference between a stray animal and an actual threat (B) Let it go and follow my commands when I give them (C) Cease the barking once I get him back into the house. Suggestions?

Also me going into a perceived threat to investigate because my dog says to goes against all logic and training I have received in my life. You don't go running into an unknown threat, you step back and arm yourself and prepare.

Hail Gunther 7-2-2013

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