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Really struggling with pup who won't respond to scolding

I don't know if I'm doing this right, but I feel like I MUST be doing something wrong.

My darling little boy, will absolutely not listen to me when I scold him. There are a couple of things in particular he is doing - rough playing with the cat, nipping hands/feet/clothes/hair/, jumping up on people and furniture, attempting to eat tissues, power cords, furniture, you name it. All normal puppy behavior, and I'm not concerned about that. I am concerned though that he will flat out ignore me when I yell "No" or "Ow".

He is particularly rough with the cat, but the cat is just as bad in return. They play fight and pin each other to the ground, but they are usually making all kind of crazy noises when doing so. I have been trying like **** to get them to stop, but whenever I yell "No" the dog just goes right on like I don't even exist. I've tried stomping, clapping, giving him treats when he sort-of obeys (which is almost never). He just will not respond unless I am going absolutely crazy screaming "no" and making a big scene about it. And even then he hardly stops for 15 seconds and continues one. I have tried redirecting his attention, giving him toys to chew on, etc. But when he gets his mind set on something that he shouldn't be doing, he's 100% dedicated to doing it.

I am concerned for two reasons. The first being that, it can't be healthy for me to yell at him like that? I don't want to have to scream at him, it feels like I am being a bad owner. The second reason I am concerned is that my neighbors must think I am absolutely out of mind and a terrible owner by now . It is causing me quite a bit of stress.

I don't know what to do. Can anyone please shed some light on this? I don't want to give up trying to scold him, obviously, because I want him to be well behaved. But I just don't know what to do to make him listen. He is absolutely fearless and doesn't seem very preoccupied with pleasing me.

In other news, he is doing a wonderful job training! Catching on super fast and is willing to please AS LONG as there is a treat involved. He is also 100% crate trained and I often catch him sleeping in there on his own. He really is a good dog overall, but when he is bad he is BAD and doesn't care what anyone has to say about it.

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