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Originally Posted by SuperG View Post
"fatty, fatty, 2x4 dog"

Okay...that brought me back a few years and made me laugh....thanks.

I'd be a liar to say that dog snobs don't get my dander up at times as well.....

I do know how I communicate with other people with dogs and I am much the same as you...they're all good looking and worthy ( mostly )'s just some owners are really hung up on themselves about their dogs....they somewhat convince themselves they are "better" because of the aesthetics or conformation of their dog....and are quick to critique other dogs even in earshot of the owners.....anyway...ego can get the better of all of way or another at times.

I certainly do appreciate and enjoy seeing a wonderful specimen of most all breeds, they are beautiful creatures. However, I have found a well trained dog to be more worthy than a "show dog" exemplifying the breed standard....of course a dog having both qualities is crazy nice. this is all my personal preference. The owners of well trained obedient dogs seem to have a different air about them....or so it seems per my conversations with them over the years at the dog park....not so quick to do the, on the spot critic about your dog's appearance in a negative fashion..etc.

Anyway, people are people ..and we are used to all types....but dogs are great and even though there some less than desirable ones out there....there is a higher percentage of good dogs than good humans. So, in one ear and out the other when it comes to "dog snobs"....tis what your dog does.

Dog snob....yes...that's a perfect description.
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