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I go to the dog park a lot with my dog and have noticed that GSD's don't play the same way that other dogs do. They are "mouthy", "nip" at each other (very oral the best way I can describe it). Some people don't take well to that. They think they are being agressive. With Jericho, he will sometimes pick out a dog that is kind of timmid and just be a total jerk to the poor thing. For that he get's bitter apple and a "break" from playing. Usually, that is enough to divert his focus away from that dog and back on the one's who enjoy playing with him. I wouldn't muzzle your dog at the park, but maybe if the park is really busy be ready to leave early. I would still try and see if it's going to be a good play day, but be prepared to leave if you have to. I also go to the same dog park every time, just so the crowd is more predictable and will be familiar with how your pup plays. I think it's really important, for Jericho at least, to go and play with the other dogs so he learns how to play respectfully with other dogs.
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