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Welcome from the Spokane area! Sounds like you've had some rough patches in regards to past dogs and sorry you lost your one GSD. I know mine learn from watching/playing with each other so that may be why the digging started. Our younger male liked to ram into our females like a bulldozer, they learned to return the favor, injuring his ACL, now we have to keep them separate for play time.

As far as young kids and dogs, we did it, but it's not easy at times and there will be bumps and bruises. Waiting a little longer may not be a bad idea, but that's up to you, only you know what your day to day life is like and what you can honestly handle. Pups are a lot of work, but for us it was fun work, we enjoyed it. Once you get some training into them it starts to get a easier. You could find a place to train with your current dog, might help you learn what else is going on (dog wise) in your area and it'll help if you have some OB on her when you do bring a pup home.

There are a fair number of good breeders in Washington, most of those recommended here are WL, but I would still give them a look, WLs can be great pets. We have one (Czech), he's really been no different to care for than our other two gsds.

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