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Dog park rant

I adopted Jericho when he was 3 months old and he was emaciated, sick and a total mess (I've told his story before). We've worked hard to get him to where he is now. He's 13 months old, 70 pounds, and 28 inches tall. He's totally normal and healthy.

There was a woman with a GSD at the dog park this weekend who is the same age as Jericho, but was a show line GSD (as far as I could tell) who is clearly more familiar with the couch than the dog park or any other form of exercise. What she said about Jericho just worked my last nerve.

This woman had the nerve to say that Jericho looked like he was unhealthy and needed to put on some weight and whispered to her friend that he must be sick. Now, I am a classy person, and instead of saying "Oh ya, well at least my dog isn't huffing and puffing while he's running circles around your fatty, fatty, 2x4 dog". I took the opportunity to say that GSD's, like people, come in all shapes and sizes and each one has their own body type. Jericho is health and active. Just like a normal 13 month old should be.

Oh GSD is prettier than your GSD. ha ha ha, just kidding. I didn't say that. They are all beautiful in my eyes. But errr! People kill me.
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