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Originally Posted by lhczth View Post
I would really need to see what she is doing. Most of the time, except in the case with dogs that lack a desire to work with their handler, the dogs get bored and lose drive because the handler/training is boring. Does your friend use a lure so the dog is working for the reward or do they pop out the toy, give food/praise, at random times (I tend to use it for best effort or if I know the dog can go flat in a certain sport) so the dog is working to earn the reward? There is a huge difference. Too many trainers do the former (which is why crazy toy driven dogs are favored in OB) instead of the latter. If done right a dog should build drive and get pushier throughout the routine.

I would crate the dog before training and afterwards. Otherwise, no, I do not believe in creating drive through deprivation. There are better ways to achieve things.
She will ask for fuss walk a bit and I will spot- the SECOND he lifts his front legs a bit higher (looking happy) she will pull the tug out and reward right away. WE were going to try switching for a bit and having me handle him to see if he looks better with me, but haven't tried that yet. I just couldn't believe how mad her trainer got when she found out we used a tug, they basically had a big argument about it! All I've ever heard from my trainer was to play so I thought it would help, her argument was "you aren't going to have to toy on trial day" and my friend replied with....I won't have treats on trial day either (LOL)

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