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Originally Posted by Bane Vom Vox View Post
One of the methods I use, involves having the dog at a Foos. Then throwing their favorite toy/tug down the field. You then practice some OB and give the reward command (they fly to the toy) then when they return play tug with them and make a big deal about it.

My dog gets so drivey (not sure if that's even a word) as though he is doing protection work. He's on edge waiting to get rewarded.

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He does work much better for a tug, her original trainer wanted to to use only food (????) and got really mad when she found out charline was working des for a tug. But he seemed to have a bit more fun, from what I've seen when he works he looks submissive, he will keep his ears flat back, my dog is very alert ears up, could this have anything to do with it? She never corrects him harshly, or handles him to rough and he is a beast in protection. Could he be in a submissive state while he's working and that is effecting his drive?

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