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Wondercide cedar, nematodes and ticks

I just finished a conversation with Meredith at Wondercide. I am a little disappointed and thought I'd share what I learned.

I recently purchased $50 worth of EcoTreat and $70 for beneficial nematodes hoping I would be able to kill whatever ticks may be in my yard. The Wondercide website states their EcoTreat outdoor pest treatment is not harmful to beneficial insects. When I asked about nematodes she said they did not have any data to suggest it is safe for beneficial nematodes.

I am fairly certain nematodes are probably not classed as insects so I can't find any fault with their statement but it would be nice if they had either more test studies or they had a statement regarding nematodes particularly since their customers are people who are looking for less harmful methods of pest control.

I've used the indoor Wondercide spray and it does kill ticks if you get them with a direct hit but residual action is pretty poor.

I will be returning the EcoTreat and go with the nematodes this time around.
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