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Default She just wont stop jumping on me...

I am now leaving Chevelle in her newly fenced yard, it's about 1/4 acre and she really loves it out there but she does not like that I leave her at home. When I return, which is Normally between 5 and 7 hours, she is in a blind panic, jumping all over me, whining, puppy biting, scratching down my sides and back. I know that popular training belief is to turn your back, cross your arms and ignore... but she is a 7 month old, 60 pound ball of teeth and claws and that is just not practical! Today I tried just holding her by her collar to prevent the jumping but she is Strong, and caught me right in the face with her claws. This goes on for 10-90 seconds, depending on how long I have been gone. The only thing I have found that helps is if I open the back door and immediately throw a ball and she will sometimes go into play mode and not attack me mode... but this only works if I can beat her to the door. Otherwise she is bounding through it and the jumping/biting/ freaking out commences.

Any advice? After her panic is over, she is back to being just sweet as can be...
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