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DDR breeder for companion dog

Hello, I had posted last year, but my housing plans fell through and I didn't want to cram a shepherd into an apartment. Well, closing on my first house in a few weeks, and now is the time just wanted to see if anything has changed.

Basically, looking for DDR / Czech dog that would primarily be a companion dog for biking / camping / hiking and doing other bachelor style things. I work with czech imports, and they are fantastic.

I'm located in NY, but i'd be willing to travel or work with a breeder that shipped.

I've contacted blackthorn (nothing planned for awhile that's not reserved) Truehaus (4-5 litters deep reserved) and currently in contact with shraderhaus - all of which come pretty well recommended if I remember correctly.

Just looking for anymore suggestions or peoples personal experience with breeders, thank you!
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