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Horrible Rash - Vet

This morning, I went to rub my hand over her back while she was eating and she yelped. I was shocked, so I attempted to find out what was going on. She would not let me touch her back. She was very sensitive. I was able to feel a lump on her back.

Let's backtrack... we have three dogs - she's our only GSD. They play in a small lake or reservoirs out back with trees and shrubs that surround it. Houses surround the lake. We do have brown recluse, black widows, water snakes, copperheads, etc. I cut down a lot of the brush in a localized area behind our house. There is a common area, we do not sit right on the lake.

Each day, I take them out about three times a day. They play and swim. Saturday, she was bathed... no signs of pain or swelling. Sunday, they played with some friend's dogs while we chatted. Although the dogs were near, she did go under some brush whereas normally she's right next to me.

So, we go to the vet, she was so sensitive that they sedated her to shave her back. I was in shock at how badly her back looked. The vet has no idea what may have caused it. She has little holes all over her back. They were oozing from the scabs being torn off from shaving her. All this to ask... do you have any idea what it could possibly be?

Horrible Rash - Vet
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