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Hello female Titan Seriously sounds similar to Titan. People had some great advice.. here's my thread.. Starts with more talk about the vinegar but then people start throwing in other ideas.

Obsessive barking... spraying with vinegar???

Here's my success story with a friend visiting..

I think we figured something out..

But what I have found.. with this behavior.. if you truly have tried many different things.. you may have to crate or leash until she calms. I have started the meet and greet outside with Titan every time a visitor comes over and it has worked out awesome so far. For the infrequent maintenance workers, I do my best just to not have him in the room, or he is leashed to me the whole time if I need him there. We had some maintenance going on where they needed access to all parts of the house and both yards.. so I did the meet and greet with those workers. We went outside on lead and watched them work, when I was confident Titan was goign to behave.. he was taken off lead and we played fetch for a while. After that I still kept the lead on him but only just in case. I made him stick with me the whole time they were there though. Never alone with them.

I have pretty much gathered this... for the workers.. bark all you want. I don't care.. they aren't going to be staying.. they don't need to be social with Titan nor does he need to like them. For extended visitors, I ask them to call me before the get to my house and I wait outside with Titan and we greet and walk inside together. Impromtu visits, take a little more patience but for me, I answer the door and tell them to wait. I leash Titan and ask them to greet him outside then we can walk in together. I also always have a ball or toy to grab his attention because he is NUTS about a ball.

Hope some of that helps. I feel your pain.. completely. It gets better as you work on it and find something that works. Keep in mind too that what works for someone, may not work for you. I tried almost everything, and it seemed nothing worked until we found our meet and greet solution.

Good luck!!!


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