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barking at people coming into the yard/house

How do I address the barking at people who make non frequent visits to the house? E.G plumber?

Roxy doesn't do well with new people entering the yard or house. She does her GSD big bark ...hackles are up ...but the backing up and tail wagging also come into play.
A friend of mine who has never been here before (and has an aggressive Doberman so not afraid of dogs) came to work on my water filter system...the WHOLE time he was here she barked. Of course he ignored it except for telling her that Gunner would have ate him at the door ....but do I get a muzzle? The stern NO ...doesn't work. Me walking into her space doesn't work. He went in and sat on the couch and gave her treats after he got done but she was still a bit leery of him. It takes her a good 3 times of somebody being here to completely trust them.

My best friends husband walked over to help me with something in the yard the other day and she was in her play area...she saw him coming up the hill...same thing LOUD bark..hackles up ...and everytime he would try to go up to her she backed up..barked and wagged her tail. I KNOW she isn't going to attack anybody and if he were to go inside her pen the first thing she would do is go get him a ball to pitch for her...but people who don't know dogs wouldn't get it. (they also have big protective dogs so he wasn't letting her bully him either).

What is expected of the two of us on these encounters? Like most everyone else I am ok with her barking like that until I give an OK...but how do I get to that point of a release you don't need to be on guard right now?
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