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13 week old puppy still whining in crate.....

He goes in absolutely perfectly at night time, no fuss, no whining...straight to sleep.

However, daytime is a different story! We have two crates, one upstairs in the bedroom for night time and one downstairs for daytime (napping, relaxing in and time out etc).

I mean, he doesn't whine and cry as much as some puppies I've read about, but he barks non-stop. Especially if he can't see me. I've yet to be able to go out and leave him at home alone without him barking the house down (we filmed him)...I need it to stop because I don't want him stressing out and annoying all the neighbors!

It;s not like he hates his crate, because he goes in and out of it willingly during the day, taking toys in and having treats in it. I've also tried leaving him in there with a kong...he's just not interested! Nothing can distract him when he's in there even when I know he's tired. Sometimes I'm lucky, and he'll go to sleep without barking, but the majority of the time he just barks like crazy. Is this normal for him to still be whining in it, we've had him forr just over a month now and we've been crate training from the very beginning.

Do I just need to let him whine and eventually he'll learn? I make sure to not give him any attention or let him out the crate when he's whining.....ONLY when he's quiet I will let him out or give him a treat and say "niice quiet".

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