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Howdy y'all

Greetings from the great state of TX. I am known as Smitty, and I recently acquired a German/Dutch Shepherd cross puppy who looks for all the world like a Malinois. This is not the first Shepherd mix I have had; my dog history include a Wolf/Shepherd/Malamute/Husky mix (super smart and very friendly dog if she knew you, very shy if she didn't), a Doberman, a Blue Heeler mix, and several Rotties. I was not actively looking for a dog but my friend's sister had a littler and when I learned it was a Dutch/German cross it seemed like serendipity.

I got my boy about two weeks ago. I named him Lycaon. The Etymology of that name is as follows: It was a name of a Greek king who tested the God's by sacrificing humans to Zeus to see if he would notice. In retribution Zeus struck down his 50 sons with lightening bolts and turned him into a wolf. It is also the Greek word for wolf. Because of this the Painted Wolf (aka African Hunting Dog, aka African Wild Dog, aka Cape Hunting Dog aka...) was given the name Lycaon Pictus.

The USFWS determined last year that there are three species of wolf living in the US. Firstly Canis Lupus (which dogs are now classed as a subspecies of) also Known as the Grey Wolf, which is what most people think of when you say "Wolf". Secondly C. Rufus, the Red Wolf, which looks similar to a Wolf/Coyote Hybrid, which was endemic to the South and South East of the country, which is extripated in the wild except one reintroduced population on the East Coast. Finally, there is C. Lycaon, the Eastern Wolf. This species resides mostly in the North East, Great Lakes and Eastern Canada. Ironically the first wolves encountered by settlers in the New World, were almost certainly C. Lycaon not C. Lupus. C. Lycaon is of similar appearance and behavior to C. Lupus, just somewhat smaller, and seems to share a lot more in common genetically with C. Rufus and C. Latrans.

As I was raised in Thailand (where I can find no cool wolfy tie ins), Kenya (where L. Pictus roams) and Michigan (C. Lycaon and C. Lupus), and have always had a thing for wolves, which is what attracted me to German Shepherds as a kid, "Lycaon" seemed a good name.

I am not sure on the forum policy on newbs posting pictures, but I will get some up when I can.
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