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Well I have a Cadillac sts, and there is definitely no room for a crate in there. My husband has seizures so cannot drive. I am the only operator of the vehicle, and our pup has always left me alone when I have driven with him, so I never saw the need to restrain him.
If it's just me in the car, he sits in the passenger seat up front. If it's my whole family (4 people) he sits in the back in between my children.
I am not keen on the idea of crating him in the car. He has a crate at home that he has access to at all times, whenever he wants privacy, but he almost always chooses to be with the family. I feel like I would be sequestering him from the rest of the family if he were crated in the car.
I do however like the idea of a seatbelt though, mainly for his sake rather than me finding him disruptive while I drive. I honestly have never used one on a dog before, I guess the thought never occurred to me.
Do you happen to know if they sell that book in stores, let can you only order online? Thanks for your input!
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