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What does your husband do when the dog bites him? If it is a game to the puppy, your husband needs to stop the game when it gets too rough. If he must, scoop the pup up and put it in its safe place. It might be a good time for your husband to read up on Nothing In Life Is Free, NILIF. It sounds like, since he has not owned a dog before, getting a good foundation on how to be a good leader will help him and the puppy get along better.

As for the behavior in the car, that's crazy. Your dog should be crated or seat belted in the back seat. The dog should not be able to attack (even in play) someone who is in the front seat, driving or a passenger. It is much safer for everyone if the dog is crated in the vehicle and if that doesn't work, good harness/seat belts are available.

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