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4 month old gsd aggressive towards my husband?

Hi everyone! I am new to this forum, and this is my first post.
Well we brought home a male gsd at 8 weeks of age. I cannot stress how amazing he is! He was completely house trained by 10 weeks old, knows a good variety of commands, and has just been awesome all around. He goes everywhere I go, whether it's to my son's baseball games, my in laws, pet store, ect. He adores all people, all dogs, everyone. I have never seen him display any nervousness or aggression to any strangers of other dogs. He is always very outgoing and happy.
Unfortunately, this does not seem to extend to my husband. My pup stopped nipping my children and I weeks ago. I trained him to do this by giving him a toy every time he tried to nip, or telling him, 'Ahah! ' Every time he tried to nip, per his trainers instructions. But while he will listen to commands from myself, he will not take them from my husband.
He literally bites my husband pretty much nonstop whenever they interact. It doesn't seem playful either, there is some snarling and quite a bit of direct eye contact when this happens.
For example, my husband and i will be driving in the car with puppy in the back seat. Out of nowhere, he will start biting my husbands face, neck, and ears. I have to grab him by the collar to get him to stop, though he does cease immediately if I interfere. If my husband tries to stop him, our pup will just continue biting.
Also, my husband and I will occasionally wrestle around playfully. When we do so, our pup will flat out attack my husbands feet and ankles, snarling and growling. I figured at first he was just trying to join in our playing, but if he is just playing, why not attack both of us?
And lastly, my pup will not take commands from my husband. He tries to walk him, but our pup will not heel for him. No matter what, he will just get in front of my husband and pull him. My husband has been through obedience classes with us, but to no avail. Our pup simply won't take commands from him, many times even offering him a treat doesn't work.
This is my husband's first dog ever. He has never owned one in his entire life. I, on the other hand, have never been withou a German shepherd in my whole life, so I am probably much more comfortable handling him than my husband is. But still, would that cause this biting behavior?
My husband is a soft spoken, very gentle man, and our puppy has never shown any fear of him. Our pup used to adore him like he does everyone else, but this last week has been strange.
He is 16 weeks as of today. Should I be concerned? Is this just a phase they go through at this age? Since I have been an adult I have only ever adopted full grown adults from the shelter, so I haven't gone through the puppy phase since I was pretty young myself. Any help or opinions on what I can do about this behavior would be greatly appreciated! 😊
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